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Feeling lost in life ?, you want to evaluate your options ?, Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, or your holiday destinations, Get insight in to your path today or perhaps  you are wanting to connect to passed loved ones for healing and guidance.


Available in  Merewether NSW AU for in person readings 

Available worldwide on Phone , Text and Video. 



I wanted to take a few minutes to leave some very positive feedback in regards to the work that Amanda does with her clients. I also do the same thing as Amanda does and I know by experience it's not easy sometimes to do. We try very hard to get all of the right messages for our clients but free will is always involved with any kind of prediction that we do, but with that said....I wanted to let you know if you have a session with her she is very accurate and gives all of the messages with great compassion and kindness too. Thank you for your help Amanda. We appreciate you!

Genie Tsrr ~ Fscebook 

I had a reading this afternoon. Far out. So comforting, so accurate. Absolutely recommend her. 10 out of 10

Meline Steere ~Facebook 

I had a reading with Amanda last week and to say she in talented is an understatement she is truly amazing. You don’t have to give Amanda information to get a reading she honestly just knows. I couldn’t recommend Amanda highly enough and she has a beautifully soft nature that your drawn to immediately.

Kylie Roberts ~ Fscebook 

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