About Amanda

Amanda is available for readings In Person at Woodberry , Amanda is not limited  to face to face readings she also reads via telephone , Facebook Messenger text and Video , Skype and WhatsApp.

The connection for Amanda does not require you to be face to face in the physical IN FACT it easier for her to read you from a distance via an electronic source  because your more relaxed in your own setting.

Amanda Does several different types of readings


Psychic Reading- Past Present and Future where she will read your energy and guide you along your life’s path with love, relationships, family, career and life.


Mediumship Readings - Amanda is an extremely strong Psychic Medium using her clairsentience , Clairaudience, claircognizance, clairvoyance and her psychic empath abilities to feel spirit and translate their messages to you.

Messages from the other side is her speciality. Vibrating on a high level she can gain access to your guides and angels on a very angelic realm. Amanda s also a channeler of spirit where she will embody spirit to communicate with you.