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Card Reveal 

1. Temptation 

There is energy pulling you in a certain direction . Your wisest move here is to stop and observe. Knee jerk reaction at this time can leave you a little read faced . Keep your wits about you and allow your self a moment to work out whether the direction is right for you .Remember you are in control of your own destiny Blessings 




having patience with oneself is one of the hardest things to master your guides are wanting you to focus on this .they know you've been through a rough time and wanted answers they are coming once you mastered answer ended to the learnt life lesson of patience things will come in abundance to you let things that no longer serve you go end no that you are supported in love by the universe divine timing will take place in certain situations the worry was never necessary .

Blessings Amanda


2.Pay attention to signs 

Your guides are wanting you to pay careful attention to the signs that they sending you there's some caution going into relationships especially if they have financial aspect to them borrowing money is not good at this time. loans in finance you need to take a second look at just ask yourself is it what I really need or is it just something I want make the wise decision .check all contracts before signing them Blessings 



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