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Amanda is a Psychic Medium and as well as an empath,
She offers a soulful, honest, empathetic reading.
Whether you want a past present or future reading, or to channel and connect with a loved one through her mediumship appointment.
Amanda has very incredibly accurate predictions, and past performance and connections to spirit are a must see.
With many with 5-star reviews Amanda is becoming well known and sort after 
Amanda invites you to check out her page and view her reviews. 

Psychic Readings What to Expect
What is a Psychic Reading
Amanda will read the energy around you and use her psychic senses to guide her to the information to relay back to the client. This is also done with help from her guides and the spirit realm.

What is a Mediumship Reading
A mediumship reading is where Amanda will communicate with passed loved ones and her guides to bring through accurate messages she can also channel the spirit ,where spirit will embody her and talk through her.

Amanda offers face to face readings from her office at Tarro NSW 2322

She also offers in home readings around the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens , Lake Macquarie areas. 

 Psychic Parties are also available for 4-8  people ( Private Readings or group )


 Amanda is highly intuitive, and can provide accurate  insight and pick up on just about any emotional situation in your life . She  can pick up on situations you are struggling with  like a relationship or a professional conflict, also Amanda canre  remotely tap into the feelings and emotions of those involved in your situation.

Amanda can  feel  both sides of the situation, this is beneficial if people are closed down and don't express emotion 

Amanda  has also the ability of  for major "clairs" Clairsentience (Clear Feeling )  ,Clairaudience (clear Hearing ) Claircognizance (Clear Knowing )   and Clairvoyance (clear Seeing )

With this she picks up the energy around you to give you a clear accurate response to what has happened, is happening  and what may happen in the future . Healing and guidance  on Love Life and careers can be achieved in Amanda's Readings 

Amanda is a highly sensitive Psychic Medium she can connect and channel passed loved ones and gain access to the spirit world  to channel messages from guides and angels 

These readings are extremely personal and very comforting  especially to one going through the grieving process 

To often loved one leave us with unanswered questions . Amanda can bring answers to these questions you seek. 

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