Hi everyone ,

Just some info for the coming 3 weeks

To the winners of the comp that I had going

If you won the free 30 reading Readings please contact me if you have not done so to arrange appointments

The A Night with spirit winners please click this link to ask to join the group for the night.

Winners of the instachat vouchers

people Join the to keep uptodate with insta chat This is an on demand chat service and i log on and you can get readings if im online with no appointment.

Due to my mothers illness i cant dedicate a lot to this service over the next couple of week your vouchers dont have expiry date just when u access the sevice please just give me your facebook name Join the instachat group so your notified when im online and when im not .


The A Night with Spirit.

Theses shows are in a closed group a night i let spirit go and speak to the people for a 2 hour show

what comes thru comes thru .

Please join me in this event and just maybe your messages will come thru :)

The cover charge is $20 Awakening Soul members $15.

tickets can be click the link to buy tickets

then after purchase ask to join the group and i will add you

Thank you for your support Blessings XXX


Bookings !!!!

I am booked out for phone and in person readings for the next 2 and a bit due. I will have blocks of time for insta chat i will notify every one on the instachat group and my page when im online and off line join the insta chat group to keep uptodate

Booking after are this period are available

Inbox me if your requiring an earlier on i may be able to fit you in.


Payments for Melbourne must be comple before the 24th of Feb (exclude payment plans set ups )


Psychic Sunday

will be on this weekend This is the only free psychic question show i will be doing From this point on.

Due to the time it takes to hold these up to 6 hours somtimes. I have to think of they costs Physical emotiona and financal cost of doing these events im quite happy to give.But i have to make ends meet as well after these event i cant work the next day until late so it coist he half a day . i hope all can appreciate this.

I have card groups for $9.95 per session

to book a single session go to

or a

subscription for $12.95 per week

This include a paid weekly wedesday show

a card readfing group (everyone gets read)

and a monthly "a night with Spirit Ticket" and

a $10 a month voucher you can accumulate for readings . To subscribe go to


The Schedule for these events are a little mixed over the next two weeks i will advise when they are on


Thank you for all your support please keep an eye out for my comps and chances for free readings

Blessings Amanda

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