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Important notice

Melbourne Tour

Melbourne is on I am set to come for the following dates

Morwell 14th March 2018 (venue not yet confirmed)

Warburton 15Th March 2018 19 on the Hill Warburton

Melbourne CBD 17 & 18Th March 2018 Seasons Botanic Gardens

Ballarat 20Th March 2017 Ramada Resort Ballarat

All appointments are to be finalised by the 12th March 2018 at 9pm

So I can get itineraries together as I will be traveling I will not be able to assist in booking any more after the 12Th March 2018

Recording Devices are permitted if fully disclosed and disclaimer has been signed

To book Melbourne appointments go to

Regular Phone Appointments & In Office Readings

During the period when imp in Melbourne I will not be able to take regular reading please ensure you book these this week to avoid delay in receiving your reading to book go to

All Face to Face readings will not be available in my office until April 2018

I may however have my instant Facebook messenger chat online in between appointments to access this service you go to my new Facebook profile and add me as a friend to stay up to date with what time imp available please not just because it says I’m online this does not mean I’m available I will post a wall post to say I am and one to say I’m finished. Here is the profile address to add me

Card Reading Groups

Card Reading Groups are $12.95 per week and the first 2 weeks are free!

You receive card reading groups

Access to close members only group

Exclusive members only live feeds

A Night with Spirit Ticket Monthly

$20 gift voucher per month to accumulate for readings

If you are4 only wanting the live events and the night with spirit you can have a members live feed membership which is $25 per month

Both these are available to subscribe to here

After you have completed

For the 12.95 membership ask to go the following two groups

For the $25 per month ask to join the following group

Access will not be granted without current subscription to any member group above.

Non Payment will result in you being removed until the membership becomes current again

Other tour dates

Coffs Harbour 14th April 2018

Grafton 15Th April 2018

Hobart 26 & 27th May 2018

Appointments can be booked here

Please in the staff member drop down pick your location

Payment Plans can be arranged via inbox only please provide the following information





Appointment type and duration

Payment Frequency and amount

All payments must be complete 1 week prior to the event. Bookings Close 1 week prior to the event

A Night with Spirit is on the 29th March 2018

It is free for members of the Social and live feed memberships

It is $20 for Non Members and $15 for the awakening soul Members

Please ensure you buy your tickets by 6 pm on the night to avoid delay. This was evident in the last show where I was 40 min late trying to deal with ticket sales

To Purchase tickets go to

To Gain access you ask to join the following group

Then I will add you

Please the earlier you get in the easier it is to add everyone I won’t be available 2 hours leading up to the event

Sunday Psychic

is the only free live event I will be doing for the general public this is so I can focus s on my group. So if you are looking to have free questions answered please join me Sunday night’s ton have

This is the time I dedicate for free readings.

I get so many in my inbox 90 % do not even have hi or please and thank you I find it a bit disrespectful to not to at least be polite people are wanting something especial if they want it for free.

Kind Regards & Blessings

Amanda Bourke

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