Save 70% on readings*

I WANT TO GIVE YOU OVER 70% off readings ! You get much more amazing value in the HEALING HOPE AND WELLNESS GROUP FOR $7:95 per week u get $25 club credit For $14:95 per week u get $50 club credit For $19.95 per week u get $70 club credit For $25.95 per week u get $95 club credit For $29.95 per week u get $125 club credit This allows u to obtain readings with over 70% savings The matrix in the picture will help u decide on a plan but to show u what u can get for ur weekly subscription I will give u some examples Support for people with anxiety, depression, ill health, mental illness, breakups, problems in love, twin flame anxieties, PTSD, carers, and those living with disabilities. Amanda has brought together individuals who are looking for new friendships and support, in a non judgemental environment. By providing support and encouragement in new and existing endeavours. Use this group to share your struggles, and experience this new approach to healing your mind body and soul. With meditation support private and group psychic mediumship soul Connection Readings private meditation to can work on healing your own issues that are holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve You save well over 70% on readings by joining the weekly subscription If you want regular reading and regular contact with me this is the way to go You won’t regret the joining at all To join go to Weekly and fortnightly payments are available Blessings love and light 💖😇💜 

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