Christmas time can be one of the hardest times of the year when we’ve lost love ones.
Christmas time is a time where memories are made and come flooding back
be rest assured spirit is with you always.

This Christmas I will be creating unique A GIFT FROM SPIRIT crystal boxes, These aren’t just your normal every day gift boxes.
Boxes are full of love light and blessings from your love one that is passed.

Through my gift I will channel your love one and your guides to create your unique crystal box for you or a loved one

Each box will be different and unique lovely greater through my gift of mediumship.

The process will be in four stages

1. Order your a gift from spirit box 
2. A personal consultation will follow To get the information required to connect to your past loved one.
3. I will channel and create your box mid November to early December each box will come with a message from spirit and my notes while channeling these will be placed in the box
4. Delivery of the boxes will be from late November to early December in time for Christmas 🎄

There are different boxes to suit all budgets

With an option of adding a full 30 minute mediumship or psychic reading for $25

Boxes will have raw natural pieces jewellery tumbled stones pendulums sage products larger boxes will have clusters trees crystal grids runes depending on the value of the box

Your box will be packaged from November 20-December 14 and delivered to your door
$15 aust postage and $30 international postage


I can’t show you photos of your exact box as all will be different
Please inbox me with ur orders and I will be happy to assist you
Blessings love and light

Amanda Bourke
Psychic Medium


A Gift From Spirit Gift Boxes

Box Value
Add a Reading 30 Min