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A fun supportive place to heal 

Support for people with

    • anxiety

    • depression

    • ill health

    • mental illness

    • PTSD

    • Breakups relationship Issues 

    • Twin flames

    • Spiritual Awakenings

    • carers, and those living with disabilities

    • Or any one looking to meet new people and friends

Amanda has brought together individuals who are looking for new friendships and support, in a non judgemental environment. By providing support and encouragement in new and existing endeavours.  Use this group to share your struggles, and experience this new approach to healing your mind body and soul. 


With meditation and support you to can work on healing your own issues that are holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve.

Whats included 


Bean Cash is for additional readings 

Private Readings /Healings/ Meditation


10 Min $25

15 Min 35

Booked Group Live Readings With Amanda $10

Booked Threads With amanda $6


Below are Other Readings NOT Redeemable by way of bean cash and can be paid for by paypal or credit card 

Threads $6

Weekly Subscriptions

Bean Cash


(bean cash will accumulate)   


$9.95 =$10 bean cash p/w

$19.95 =$30 bean cash p/w







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