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Rule for the purple bean club. 
Payments and Membership 
* Membership must be paid weekly fortnightly or monthly. 
* Membership must be kept current at all time for you to be a current financial member of the group 
* Any cancellations of memberships will automatically cancel any future readings booked with the credit and suspend your access to the purple bean club 
* If payment for your membership declines you will have 3 days to rectify the situation or your membership will be cancelled. 
All monies owed will be paid upon rectivation of your account 
All future booked reading will also be canceled.and subscription credit will be canceled 
* No readings or activities will take place unless current paid subscription is in place. 
* If your subscription is declined 3 time within 3 months a surcharge of $15 will apply to reactivate your subscription 
* Payments are made through square via a secure payment system as a recurring payment weekly fortnightly or monthly subscription 
* Your subscription will include the included value of the subscription you choose. 
* Extra top up credit vouchers will be available $10=$20 subscription cash these will have a 3 month expiry and need active membership to be able to redeem for services 
* Private readings will only take place with Amanda Bourke via messenger or sms. 
* Group reading with other readers must be booked through the booking system and people must agree to the terms and conditions of Amanda Bourke psychic Medium booked group readings with additional readers are at an additional cost and subscription credit can’t be used unless otherwise stated 
* Some group readers will be paid readings and won’t be available using subscription credit 
* Subscription credit expires each payment cycle and is not transferable 
* Contacting any  reader reading in the group to source  extra information or continue readings is prohibited. Please do not personally contact the other readers to do this as you will be removed from the group immediately and no refund will be given. 
* All inquiries and questions about subscription are to be sent to my main page inbox
* Bookings are to be made online through
* THE GROUP is for healing and betterment of peoples lives. NO BULLYING, backstabbing, gossiping, sharing of personal information people have openly expressed on here is to ever make its way in a negative way outside the group ANYONE DOING THIS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP WITHOUT NOTICE . TREAT PEOPLE HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. I expect people to be courteous and kind and show respect at all times. 
* Any post promoting or sharing illegal offences will be removed and if deemed warrantable will be reported to face book and the authorities 
* Anything promoting negativity against sexual orientation, violence and deemed discriminatory will be removed and warning will be in place if it deemed server you will be removed from the group 
* Group reading will have events created and all participants will be invited to the group 
* Booked groups will give permission by booking if your not present and have not left a message your reading will be left in the event . 
* Booking are to be made online
* Canceling of membership can be done through The client page on the booking system it’s done instantly
* You can also contact the inbox but manually require 7days notification to cancel the subscription 
* If you have any concerns about some ones welfare or mental state of mind. Please report it immediately 
* Amanda bourke reserves the right to contact relevant authorities if she deems the situation dangerous or someone is in risk of self harm 
* The group is to openly express how you feel and to heal , we have all been through a lot , I am healing because I found my voice I expect no judgment from anyone in respects to people openly expressing what they feel. SUPPORT THEIR RECOVERY NOT SABOTAGE IT BY JUDGMENT. 
* Anyone condemning people for honesty expressing themselves will be removed from the group 
* Reschedule and changes may be made to fit people schedules and bend with the universe. Please go with the flow. This helps preserve the reader so they can be at their optimum when they read you 
* Any reader reserves the right not to read a situation or a person if they choose 
* Over reading can occur readers reserve the right to refuse to read anyone they feel is over read. 
* Screenshots of any messages or group posts to distribute is strictly Prohibited and if anyone is caught doing this they will be removed immediately from the group
* Subscription cost will be accessed every three months and is subject to change with 30 days notice 
* Service list and included content is subject to change with 30 days notice 



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