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What to expect from a psychic Reading

When I read your energy, I make predictions about what I see ahead for you based on your current feelings, emotions, belief system and thoughts happening right now. Many people think that psychics make psychic predictions regarding the future with absolute pinpoint accuracy.  Sometimes the information that is revealed is so precise and does happen, sometimes it takes longer to happen or you change paths completely  Why? because we have free will, we are free to choose our own journey, we are not puppets on a string with all events pre planned for us. 

A psychic predicts you will buy a new home, but you run into a friend that convinces you to wait a while, perhaps you would have bought that house had you not listened to your friends advice? we are exercising free will every day. Without free will we wouldn’t be conscious human beings just actors in predetermined existence.


Readings are not an exact science of what is laid out ahead and what will happen it is as the word describes merely a predication which may or may not happen.  There are however events in your life that are moments that may be predetermined but our lives choices are not mapped out and ready to go, we all at the end of the day will chose our own destiny as will others around us. 


I connect with spirit via five Psychic Clairsenses:  Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairalience and Clairsentience whilst I believe we are all born with heightened psychic gifts we are not all ready to receive these messages.  I consider myself to be a conduit bringing a medium connection to those that need it.  Your loved ones may not always want to converse with me, just like the man at the bus stop may not want to talk, but I always endeavour to being you a reading that delivers peace, healing, guidance and validation on your journey.

Enjoy my readings but remember they are for entertainment purposes only, please do not base important decisions on the outcome of a reading, exercise the free will we were all born with.

Blessings Amanda

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